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    Updates, Security, Code Signing & Logging

An introduction to us

We’re solving the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things landscape is evolving rapidly. Python is uniquely positioned to power the devices and infrastructure required to bring intelligence and control to our everyday objects.

What we do

Provide the developer tools to write, debug and deploy Python code to Internet enabled devices.

  • Command Line Interface

    Add modules, manage devices, deploy code and retrieve debug logs.

  • Security Embedded

    Code signing & secure API communication come standard.

  • Broad Support

    Support for ESP8266 modules & developer boards such as the MicroPython pyboard.

  • Prebuilt Components

    Log aggregation and device management are included so developers can focus on what's important.

  • MicroPython Powered

    Can be used on any device that supports MicroPython.

Why we built Pozetron

We’re Creative

We built Pozetron because sometimes you just need to write some code and build something!

We had a problem

We built Pozetron because we encountered the same problems as you do when it comes to developing for and deploying IOT devices.

We’re sharing our solution

We built Pozetron so you don't have to. We think it's an elegant solution and want everyone to be able to write Python for connected devices.